About Us

Nyírfás Guesthouse is a family owned house in Zsombó, 15 kilometers from Szeged. To ensure your family or your group of friends enjoy holiday undisturbed our guesthouse can be rented in full. The owner does not live in the house so our guests can use the house independently.

Our guesthouse -which was named after the birch trees in front of it- can be found in a very quiet street in Zsombó. From this place you can easil reach a lot of interesting sights by car, by bike, by public transportation or on foot.

If you are not a big fun of active recreation, use our swimming pool and the garden next to i tor just siti n a comfortable armchair on the terrace and enjoy the view.

We have a fully equipped kitchen and BBQ place, but if you would like to forget about cooking, let’s have a wondeful meal in Jóbarát Restaurant.

If you like fisinhg bring your fishing rod with you and visit the fishing lake nearby. You can catch carp, crucian and pike.

If you would like to enjoy a night in the theater, movie or a fancy restaurant in Szeged, just give us a call or send an e-mail and we help you arrange everything.